The world's finest distributor of equipment, parts, and services for coordinate measuring machines
Sheffco is the world's finest distributor of coordinate measuring machines for many good reasons! Our combination of services, quality, and prices can't be beat. In addition, Sheffco offers a wide range of principal lines to serve you even better!

Sheffco proudly offers the finest products from Renishaw.


Touch Trigger probes provide the delicate touch sense required by Coordinate Measuring Machines. Engineered to give rapid and accurate measurements, probes combine with our comprehensive stylus range to meet every CMM user's needs.


M1P Touch Trigger Probe

0P5M Laser Scanning Probe

SCR200 Styli Changing Rack

TP1 (S) Touch Trigger Probe

TP2 - 5 Way Touch Trigger Probe

TP2 - 6 Way Touch Trigger Probe

TP6 Touch Trigger Probe

TP6A Touch Trigger Probe

TP7M Touch Trigger Probe

TP12 Touch Trigger Probe

TP200 Touch Trigger Probe

VP1M Video Camera Probe

VPI1 Video Probe Interface
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