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  • The increasing acceptance of coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) has led to a need for greater understanding of probing systems. Successful gauging depends very much on the ability of the stylus to access a feature and maintain accuracy.

    Sheffco has Renishaw styli available in a vast selection of sizes and materials to meet virtually every inspection need.  Renishaw continues to use its expertise in design and innovation to enhance the existing comprehensive range of styli.

    Choosing Styli

    The main points to consider are:

    Effective Working Length (EWL) is the approximate penetration distance that can be achieved by any ruby ball stylus before its stem fouls against the feature. Generally the larger the ball the greater the EWL. EWL can also be affected by assembly tolerances. For this reason Renishaw styli are assembled to exacting standards in controlled conditions.

    Technical Specification

    Ruby balls Synthetic ruby monocrystalline AI2 O3 All diameters: 0.15m except 0.3: 0.25m 2m 1700 Vickers 4g/cm3 0.025m Ra ~5x10-6 /C
    Ceramic hollow balls White ceramic sintered alumina AI2O3 1m +0, -10m 1500 Vickers 3.7 g/cm3 0.1m Ra ~5x10-6 /C
    Discs Silver steel 1m 0.1 mm 450 Vickers 8g/cm3 0.4m Ra 10.5x10-6 /C
    Simple cylinder Silver steel Roundness 4m 50m 200 Vickers 8g/cm3 1m Ra 10.5x10-6 /C
    Ball ended cylinder Synthetic ruby Concentricity, ball/sylinder 4m 3m 1700 Vickers 4g/cm3 0.025m Ra ~5x10-6 /C
    Ball ended cylinder Tungsten Carbide 20m end radius 3m 1500 Vickers 15g/cm3 0.4m Ra ~5x10-6 /C
    Simple pointer Silver steel Cone angle 30 - 300 Vickers 8g/cm3 0.4m Ra ~10.5x10-6/C
    Radius end pointer Stainless steel/Tungsten Carbide Cone angle 30 Tip radius


    1500 Vickers 15g/cm3 0.4m Ra ~5x10-6 /C
    Stylus stems and extensions Stainless steel, BS970 303 541, Tungsten Carbide non-magnetic or White ceramic sintered alumina AI2O3 Stainless steel and Tungsten Carbide Stiffness <0.25m/g except 0.3:0.4 m/g ; Ceramic <0.5m/g 0.4m Ra SS  16x10-6 /C TC & Ceramic 5x10-6 /C
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    Sheffco proudly offers the finest products from Renishaw.


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