SPARE PART KITS Price Part Number
Docking Port Kit $75 A/1051/0450
MP1, MP4, MP7/8/9 Outer Diaphragm Replacement Kit $75 A/2051/7105
MP3/MP6 Outer Diaphragm Replacement Kit $75 A/2053/8156
MP1/S Probe Seal $5 M/2051/5422
MP1/R Probe Seal $5 M/2051/6148
LP2 Service Kit $65 A/2063/7542
MP7/8/9 Battery Cover Kit $75 A/2033/1105
25mm OMM Cable $95 M/2031/1105
"New Style" OMM PCB Kit $270 A/2031/0043
"New Style" OMM Window Kit $135 A/2115/0002
PHC10 Fan Assembly $75 A/1025/0315


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