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-All labor rates are based on an 8 hour day and a Monday-Friday workweek

-Standard labor rate $9
5 per hour

-Weekend, holiday, and overtime labor rate $142.50 per hour

-Travel time (to and from job site) $60 per hour

-Travel cost (in company vehicle) $0.61 per mile

-Airfare and car rental actual cost

-Overnight lodging and meals $150 per day or actual cost, at Sheffco's discretion

-Minimum daily billing is 2 hours for labor within a 35 mile radius of Sheffco's offices in Pewaukee, Wisconsin.

-Outside the 35 mile radius the minimum daily billing is 4 labors labor.

-Travel time and cost billing applies to customers outside a 35 mile radius of Sheffco's offices in Pewaukee, Wisconsin.

-Overnight stays are deemed appropriate for any job that is in excess of 150 miles from Sheffco's offices in Pewaukee, Wisconsin or for other agreed upon circumstances that preclude completion of service in a single day.

-Laser systems (Renishaw and Hamar) used in service work are subject to a one-time rental fee of $150 per system or $250 for both systems.

-Due to the nature of our work, most service is quoted on a "time and materials" basis. Delays due to machine condition, unforeseen production requirements, or lack of required manpower are billed at standard rates. Sheffco is only responsible for the operation of our own equipment. Machinery or processes being serviced by Sheffco require competent operators provided by the customer.

-All rates are valid for the contiguous 48 U.S. states only. Please contact Sheffco for service rates outside this area.