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Measure Max, Max-Lite, and STI Training at Sheffco, Inc. Training Classes offered
PC-DMIS Pro (3 days)
PC-DMIS CAD (5 days, includes PC-DMIS Pro)
PC-DMIS CAD++ (9 days, includes 5 days CAD and 4 days CAD++)
Single Touch Interface (1 day)
Max-Lite (2 days)
Measure Max (4 days)
Measure Max Advanced (3.5 days)
For Non-Credit Training a 50% deposit Will be required before training will be scheduled.

People scheduled for classes using credits Will lose their credit if they do not show for class when scheduled.

PC-DMIS Pro .....$ 900.00
PC-DMIS CAD .....$ 1,500.00
PC-DMIS CAD++ .....$ 2,700.00 (includes CAD and CAD++)
Measure Max .....$ 1,850.00
Measure Max Advanced .....$ 1,675.00
Max-Lite .....$ 1,250.00
S.T.I. .....$ 950.00

Minimum 72 Hour Notice of Cancellation Required or Credits will be Canceled.