SCR200 Probe CMM for Coordinate Measuring Machines, Sheffco, Wisconsin, Giddings & and Lewis Sheffield Measurement and Renishaw

Weight 0.75kg
Mounting Horizontal or vertical
Mounting Fixture Single stud (M8, M10, 5/16, 3/8 UNC)
Number of ports 6
Module location and retention Magnetic
Repeatability of stylus change (2 ) at 50mm Automatic:  1Ám ; Manual: 2Ám
Docking speed 50mm/s (nominal*)
Module pull-off force 800g maximum
Change cycle <2 seconds
Docking port protection Pivotal sprung lids
Overtravel protection Electro/mechanical (5 minimum at base)
LED indicators Power: Green ; Status: Red (Flashing during probe inhibit)
Change cycle detection Opto/electronic infrared beam system with Hall safety sensor (can be disabled). Probe inhibit during change cycle.
Multi-rack usage Up to 2 SCR200 units (12 ports) can be serviced by the PI 200


The SCR200 is manufactured to high tolerances eliminating the requirement for complex alignment and datuming routines. All alignment requirements and port docking coordinates can be established with only 8 probing points. No control signals from the CMM are required.

Alignment adjustment XY rotational only ▒0.1mm
Docking tolerance ▒0.17mm X, ▒1.5mm Y, ▒2mm Z
Power supply/control PI 200 Interface
Cable length 30m maximum (PI 200 to SCR200)
Cable connection 6 pin miniature DIN socket
Set up time <30 minutes
SCR200 Kit with standard force modules $8025 A/1207/0030
SCR200 Kit with low force modules $8075 A/1207/0070
SCR200 stylus changing rack only $6368 A/1085/0370
SCR200 datum stylus (PS35R) $108 A/5000/7812
TP200 probe cleaning kit $16 A/1085/0016
PL70S interconnection cable $336 A/1016/7634
SCR200 cable (PL63S)-5m $97 A/1016/7630
SCR200 cable (PL64S)-10m $110 A/1016/7631
SCR200 cable (PL65S)-20m $145 A/1016/7632
SCR200 mounting kit $17 A/1085/0005
SCR200 location plate $9 M/1085/0301


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SCR200 Styli Changing Rack

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