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Application Motorised probe head with autochange capability, high torque and Multiwire compatibility Same as PH10M but with in-quill mounting facility giving a greater working envelope
Repeatability of position (2 ) 0.5 Ám (0.00002 in)** 0.5 Ám (0.00002 in)**
Cycle time: 7.5 step ; max. 90 move 2.5 seconds ; 3.5 seconds 2.5 seconds ; 3.5 seconds
Total angular movement A Axis: 105-0 in 7.5 steps = 15 positions ; B Axis: ▒180 in 7.5 steps = 48 positions A Axis: 105-0 in 7.5 steps = 15 positions ; B Axis: ▒180 in 7.5 steps = 48 positions
Total number of positions 720 720
Max. recommended drive torque .45 Nm .45 Nm
Max. extension bar length (with TP2/TP12) 300mm (11.8in) using PAA3 extension 300mm (11.8in) using PAA3 extension
Head mounting Shank to suit CMM Direct to quill
Weight (excluding shank) 645g (22.7 oz) 730g (25.7 oz)
Working temperature range 10-40C (50-104F) 10-40C (50-104F)
Probe mounting facility M8 Thread Autojoint
Probe Head Control PHC10 PHC10
Price each $20328 MQ: $20328 ; MQH: $22001
Part Number A/1025/0050  MQ: A/1036/0001

MQH: A/1036/0100

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