Manual Heads Styli CMM for Coordinate Measuring Machines, Sheffco, Wisconsin, Giddings & and Lewis Sheffield Measurement and Renishaw


PH1 PH5 PH5/1
Number of probe sockets 1 5 5
Probe status indication 1 LED 2 LEDs 2 LEDs
Cable connection 5 pin DIN 180 socket 5 pin DIN 180 socket 5 pin DIN 180 socket
Overtravel break load Adjustable from 0.02 kgf (0.44lbf) to locked solid N/A Adjustable from 0.02kgf (0.044lbf) to locked solid
A Axis Indexing Swivel of 115 locked with hexagonal key (3mm A/F) N/A N/A
B Axis Indexing 15 steps through 360 N/A 15 steps through 360
Weight 125g (0.28lb) 184g (0.41lb) 290g (0.64lb)
Repeatability of Position 2 N/A N/A N/A
PRICE each $1639 $1764 $2063
Part Number A/1049/1795 A/1045/1883 A/1045/1893
(includes overtravel unit A/1045/1893)

Note: PH1 is not compatible with PEL 2/3. Excluding shank and cable.

Number of Probe Sockets 1 1 Autojoint 1 1 Autojoint
Probe Status Indication 1 LED 1 LED 1 LED 1 LED
Cable Connection Integral Cable Micro 'D' connector 5 pin DIN 180socket 5 pin DIN 180socket
Overtravel Break Load N/A N/A Adjustable with hexagonal key N/A
A Axis Indexing N/A N/A ▒95 locked with hexagonal key (2.5mm A/F) 105-0 in 7.5 steps = 15 positions
B Axis Indexing N/A N/A ▒90 locked with hexagonal key (2.5mm A/F) ▒180 in 7.5 steps = 48 positions
Weight 48g (0.11 lb) 160g (0.36 lb) 331g (0.73 lb) 580g (1.31lb)
Repeatability of Position 2 N/A 1 Ám (0.0004 in) N/A 1 Ám (0.00004 in)
Price Each $443 $1575 $ $6295
Part Number A/1046/5097 (coiled 12-28", 5 pin DIN) A/1074/0020 A/1048/3873 A/1070/003
PH6 A/1046/5098 (Coiled 18-50", 5 pin DIN) PH6 A/1046/5099 (coiled 30-95", 5 pin DIN) PH6 A/1046/5094 (plain 177", 5 pni DIN) PH6 A/1046/5096 (coiled 23-72", 7 pin Amph)


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