Model Number Description Price Part Number
MCG1 Machine Checking Gauge $2516 A/1007/0006
MCG2 Machine Checking Gauge $2933 A/1007/0056
SA3 M3/M2 Stylus Adapter $12 M/5000/4163
SE2 20mm Stylus Extension $12 M/5000/3592
SE7 5mm Stylus Extension $11 M/5000/7634
Pivot $278 A/1007/0017
Special Stylus $79 A/5000/7650
101mm Arm $546 A/1007/0007
151mm Arm $571 A/1007/0008
226mm Arm $597 A/1007/0009
380mm Arm $628 A/1007/0010
532mm Arm $668 A/1007/0011
685mm Arm $719 A/1007/0012
76mm Pillar $19 M/1007/0023
127mm Pillar $36 M/1007/0024
235mm Pillar $45 M/1007/0025
Baseplate $260 A/1007/0061
Additional Weights $7 A/1007/0018


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Machine Checking Gauge

Checking time for CNC (DCC) Machine: typically 15 minutes
Checking time for joy-stick and manual machines: typically 45 minutes
Measuring range: vertical, ± 45°; horizontally, 360°
Total Gauge error: ±0.5µm
MCG 1 for Small Kit Machines up to 1m³
MCG 2 for Comprehensive Kit Machines greater than 1m³
The probe stylus slots into the end of what is in effect a reference "ball" bar.
The probe carries the bar with it over a spherical path, and radial readingsare taken at different positions. The range of these radial readings indicates the Volumetric Measuring Performance of the machine. Repetition of a sequence of readings checks the system repeatability.

Volumetric Measuring Performance is the maximum error between any two points in any plane,
over any distance within the full measuring volume.

Calibration traceable to USA National Institute of Standards and Technology
(Ref # 731/23897-87). The Machine Checking Gauge also complies with British
Standard BS6808: Co-ordinate Measuring Machines.

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