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Below are Links to Products & Product Lines that we offer:

Barnes International
-Centrac Filtration Systems
-Chip Filtration Systems
-Fabric Magnetic Collant Separators

-Visual Gage Comparators
-Gage Calibration Equipment

Busch Precision
-Surface Plates
-Angle Plates

Dorsey Gage Company
-Optical Comparators
-Bore & Snap Gages

Hamar Laser

-Electric Gaging
-Automated Machine Tool Compensation Systems

Metronics, Inc./Heidenhain
-CMM Digital Read Outs
-Optical Comparator DRO's

Nikon CMM-Manager
-CAD Based CMM Off Line Programming
-3D Best Fit Software

North American Tool
-Thread Plug Gages
-Ring Gages

OMNI Structures/Flex Logic/R & R
-Modular Fixturing


Precision Devices, Inc.
-Surface Measurement Systems - Profilometers
-Metrology Instruments

Premier Aluminum

Precision Gage & Tool
-Air Spindles
-Air Snap Gages
-Master Rings

Renishaw, Inc
-CMM Probing and Accessories
-Machine Tool Probing
-Laser Calibration Equipment

S-T Industries Inc.
-Precision Measuring Tools and Instruments

Sheffco Sheffield Measurement*
-Coordinate Measuring Machines
-CMM Retrofits

Sheffco Technical Services
-CMM Repair and Calibration
-Machine Tool Calibration
-Training and Inspection Services

Wisconsin Manufacturing & Technology Show

Zero Gage
-Specialty Gages
-Sweep Gages