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Sheffco Shop Floor SI Series
A Sheffco Shop Floor SI coordinate measurement machine (CMM) is an advanced, multi-purpose quality control system used to help inspection keep pace with modern production requirements. It replaces long, complex and inefficient conventional inspection methods with simple procedures that are up to 20 times faster... and far more accurate. A CMM reduces or eliminates CNC machine downtime. It cuts scrap and rework. And it's so easy to use that almost anyone can operate it after brief training.

A Sheffco Shop Floor SI CMM provides instant measurement results without complicated setup and operating procedures. It combines surface plate, micrometer and vernier-type inspection methods into one easy-to-use machine. And it's guaranteed to give you the superior quality and performance the world has come to expect from any product bearing the Sheffield name.

Typical uses for a Sheffco Shop Floor SI CMM include quick inspection of the first workpiece produced by CNC machining, random sampling of production runs, preventive maintenance checks of dies, jigs and fixtures;
and final, qualifying or receiving inspection of machine parts and castings. A Sheffco Shop Floor SI CMM can check the dimensional and geometric accuracy of everything from small engine blocks, to sheet metal parts, to circuit boards.

Because it's not dedicated to one function, the Sheffco Shop Floor SI CMM measures virtually any part within its size range at any stage of product with precision and substantial time savings.

How does it work?
A Sheffco Shop Floor SI CMM consists essentially of a probe supported on three mutually perpendicular (X, Y & Z) axes. Each axis has a built-in reference standard: a Renishaw ® reference scale made by the leading manufacturer of CMM probe systems.

An index grating with the same line structure as the Renishaw scale is superimposed at a slight angle to produce an integrated interference pattern, or moiré fringe. Photocells in a non-contact reading head convert this pattern into electrical signals which are converted by the processor into a digital display equal to the scale's motion.

This digital display instantaneously follows any change in direction, providing accurate information about the probe's movement and position The relationship of the axes to each other allows a point to be located relative to another point in all three planes with one check. The computer captures all this data to create a highly accurate and repeatable part measurement program.